Cat Hollow at Brushy Creek HOA

2300 Greenhill Dr. #1010

Round Rock, Texas 78664


Board of Directors Meeting




March 15, 2017




Brushy Creek Community Center
16318 Great Oaks Dr.
Round Rock, Texas 78681



1.        Call to Order

2.        Vendor/Citizen Communication

3.        Approval of Minutes 02/15/2017 Regular Meeting.

4.        Reports

a.       Presidentís Report

b.       Treasurerís Report

c.       Managerís Report

5.        Committee Reports

a.       Landscape

b.       Communication

c.       Architectural Control

                                                               i.      Residential

                                                             ii.      Commercial

d.       Parks & Rec

6.        Old Business

a.       Signage and rebranding update

b.       Concrete border fence repairs

c.       Memorial for Maina Ė April 9

7.        New Business

a.       Storage facility

8.        Adjourn